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White Tiger

This is what started it all. White tigers are incredibly rare in the wild. The last White tiger ever seen in the wild was shot and killed by some dickhead in India in 1958. The first captured white tiger ever reported was in 1820.It was seen at a place called the Exeter Change, which was basically a flea market of the worlds rarest/coolest animals. In 1951 the leader of India received reports of a white tiger cup. A search party was sent out and the cub was eventually captured and named Mohan. It was kept as a pet for a while before it bred with other tigers. Eventually, more white tigers were produced through inbreeding which is pretty messed up by animals are kind of like people from Georgia in a sense that they don’t really see anything wrong with inbreeding. The cubs were then sent all over the world where more breeding took place. Due to excessive inbreeding, many white tigers have defects. Obviously we don’t want an inbred tiger, which means we will have to spend more and do some extra searching. Most web sites will tell you that all white tigers are born from inbreeding. This is not true. It is true that almost every white tiger in captivity today is a descendent of Mohan but there is now a large enough population of white tigers with enough genetic difference for white tigers to be born without being inbred.

The gene for a white tiger is an extremely rare recessive gene. Contrary to popular belief white tigers are not albino. For years scientists claimed that there was no such thing as an albino tiger. In 1922 however, two albino cubs were found and killed because apparently people are too fucking stupid to realize that killing a white tiger is like killing a unicorn only worse and they will be cursed for eternity. The only type of Tiger known to have the gene to become white is the bangle tiger, but scientists cannot say for certain weather or not Siberian tigers possess the trait as it could be possible but just undiscovered due to rarity. There are also other rare color mutations that the recessive gene can cause.

The Golden Tabby

The Golden Tabby tiger has a deeper orange coat and tan stripes instead of black. Just look at the picture they’re hard to describe but they’re awesome. There much more rare than a regular white tiger. They are believed to by born by regular tigers that carry the recessive gene similar to the gene that makes tigers white.  The first golden tiger cub born in captivity was in 1983 and came from standard colored Bengal tigers.There is currently only 30 documented golden tabby tigers in the world.

The Ghost White Tiger

The Ghost white tiger is rarest of all tigers. It’s stripes are nearly invisible and are so faint that they can only be seen in correct lighting.

One last fun fact about these cats, they all love the water.

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