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It was nine o’clock on the evening of a day when I forgot to take my Adderall.  I can’t remember what I was searching for on google images but somehow a picture of a white tiger came up in the results.  It was love at first site.  I felt an instant connection and I’m confident that the picture of the tiger felt it too.  The beautiful beast and I made eye contact for what seemed like an eternity.  Time slowed as I gazed into the big blue eyes of God’s gift to humanity. It could have been 5 minutes or 6, 8, 10 months, I lost all track of time.  Finally Tommy said something to me which broke my trance.  I then spent the next 3 or 4 hours looking at pictures of white tigers.

I brought my laptop up to the rage cage with me and shared my findings with my fellow goats.  Just as I expected, they shared my love for the elegant critter.  Vierling then brought the incredibly rare red panda our attention. From there we started discussing other magnificent creatures that don’t get the love they deserve.  Then in a state of drunken brilliance, we realized what needed to be done.  We had to have these animals as our loyal pets.  We started devising plans to set up our own private exotic pet collection.  Ty came up with the idea that we buy a street and have all the goats live on it.  This seemed ideal because most of us get separation hankxiety when leaving the dig house.  On our private street we will have a warehouse of some sort I guess? I don’t really know I don’t remember the details but basically were going to have this place with some sweet fucking animals.

Taking care of them really won’t be very hard.  The pledges would do all of the work, and the bottom 7 would become tiger food.  Obtaining the animals themselves might be a little tricky seeing as most of them are close to extinction, which makes them even cooler to own. Everyone knows having a collection of the world’s greatest animals is a sure sign that you’re legit.  So we started making a list of the animals we had a love for. There were many tough decisions and a lot of animals just didn’t make the cut.  We really didn’t base our decisions on a certain criteria, someone would throw out a suggestion and it would either feel right or not.  So if any other goats have an animal in mind that they think would make a positive addition to the collection say it.  It will then be thoughtfully contemplated and discussed amongst the pledge class and then approved or denied. Our list started getting pretty long and we had trouble remembering what was on it.  I realized we needed a place to keep track all of the pets were going to get and since its 4:30 Pat’s snoring makes sleeping a physical impossibility I figured I might as well throw together a website.

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